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At Preferred Roofing & Guttering, we repair, replace, and install guttering on residential homes or commercial buildings.

Continuous Hanging and Seamless Gutters

Traditional gutter hangers leave weak spots and gaps between each spike or hanger. You end up with flimsy gutters prone to damage including warping, denting and water infiltration in the roof, fascia and foundation.

The Continuous Hanging System strengthens the gutter from front to back and end to end.

This reinforcement delivers unparalleled strength to protect your gutters year round.

Keeps gutters clear of debris, allowing water to be safely carried away from your home.

Continuous attachment system eliminates weak spots so your gutters stand up to ladder crush, heavy snow, ice and more.

Blocks the sun to protect the sealant inside the gutter, which can crack and cause leaks.

Leaf Relief gutter covering has protected over 100 million feet of gutter over the last decade. That is longer than a gutter stretching from LA to NY and back three times, then continuing to San Francisco before heading back to LA.